The Oberlin City Cemetery is the final resting place for the majority of the county residents. However, it is financed and maintained entirely by the City of Oberlin. It mirrors our history and culture and is a place where we all leave our "footprint on history." Alan Boyle wrote in his book Holding Stone Hands "the cemetery is as pretty as the rest of the handsome town. It’s cool manicured trees might be mistaken for a park."
In order to grow, maintain and restore the park like atmosphere the City Council has adopted the following Living Memorial programs.

  • Purchase of trees by donors for planting by the city around the periphery, roads and parking areas.
  • Planting of trees on family grave sites. Trees planted and maintained by family under supervision of the cemetery sexton. As can be seen in the older eastern section it was common practice for the family to plant a tree on the grave site.
  • Peony planting by family at ends of memorial stone.
  • Raised floral beds scattered throughout cemetery. Organizational built and maintained.

As family members move away the only decoration on Memorial Day may be the Living Memorials of trees and peonies planted on the family plots. The older or east section is an example of this.

To preserve the dignity of the cemetery and contribute to the safety and efficiency of the maintenance crew the planting of Living Memorials rather than breakable statues, glass objects, vigil lights or metal objects etc. is encouraged.

Information on Living Memorial plans may be obtained from the City Office. Phone 475-2217