About Oberlin


Where Friends Meet On Brick Streets

Oberlin, Kansas, is a scenic community located in northwestern Kansas that blends history, recreation and family-oriented activities with a population of 1,850 residents. Nestled in the Sappa Valley, Oberlin was originally founded as Westfield in 1872, in 1885 the town was incorporated as Oberlin and celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2010.

One does not need to spend much time exploring the internet to realize that many outsiders recognize Oberlin for the red brick streets with their wide avenues, the picturesque downtown with its canopies and globe lights, the historic Landmark Inn and the Last Indian Raid Museum which are all located on Penn Avenue.

Others also identify Oberlin as the location of Pete Felton’s “Pioneer Family” native limestone statue and the home of the 1st home-owned carnival in Kansas. The Landmark Inn and the Last Indian Raid Museum are popular tourist attractions. Many also come to visit Oberlin the 1st week in August each year to take in the carnival.